Sealing the Acid Stained Floor

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There is beauty when your floor has concrete acid staining because it becomes a marble-like pattern on the surface of the floor but you also have to protect it and for you to do that, you must seal it so that it would also look shiny. The efflorescence that it creates is due to the hydrochloric acid solution reacting to the minerals in the concrete floor because it gets the carbon dioxide that is present the air around you. Efflorescence refers to the variety of color tone in your concrete. Instead of having just an ordinary concrete, you can have an acid stained floor to make it unique and very nice to look at.

stained floor

The things that you need to do it are paint tray, paint liner, polyurethane sealer, big brush, roller refill that is smooth in the surface and a paint roller. And remember that you should always seal the whole concrete floor after staining it with acid so that it will look shiny and it will not be destroyed over time.

Here are some of the steps that you should do in order to seal the acid stained concrete that you have.

1st: Make sure that the entire room is well ventilated. You can open the doors and the windows or if possible, turn on your electric fan so that you can have more air in the room.

2nd: Clean the floor very well when the acid is fully dried after the acid staining. Make sure that there is not any debris that is present in the floor while sealing it.

3rd: Prepare the tools like the sealer and the roller. Also, shake the polyurethane sealer very well so that it will be the perfect mixture before applying it. The paint tray that you are about to use should have a liner in it and put a perfect amount of it inside the tray.

4th: Start at the perimeters. The large brush is very useful in putting at least three inches of strip around the sides or the perimeter. This secret is very useful in order for your roller not to come in contact with the wall. Make sure that the sealer is very smooth and even.

5th: When you have finished the edges of the room, then you can start sealing the rest of the room starting from the exit and work your way inside. Take off the excess sealer on your roller so that you will not be worried about the excess products so take it off all of the excess. You do not want anything dripping on the floor. Some bubbles may be present so go it over your brush. Do not rush on the process; you want to make sure that the seal you are applying is uniform around all the surfaces.

6th: You should let the seal dry and add the next coat only when it is completely dry, still using all of the steps above.

The seal is really important so that it would act as a protection to the concrete floor and it will highlight the pattern that it produces after the acid staining process.

If you are working on a basement floor, make sure there are no water leaks or standing water any where. If you notice water leaks, have the home owner consult with Birmingham roofing contractors first to clear up any existing problems before moving forward.

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