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Why Irrigation is Beneficial

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You must be thinking that building an irrigation for your plants in the backyard is a waste of water and energy. However, there are a lot of things you could benefit out of building a good irrigation. Written below are some of the benefits one could get from building a good and effective irrigation.


Healthy Landscape and Water Bill Maintenance

A lot of owners of residential and commercial property necessarily use a great amount of water to keep grass and landscape fresh and healthy, costing them bigger money than usual.

Systems of irrigation could be very efficient than any other kinds of watering. That is, sidewalks or missing patches of green turf could be unnecessary when irrigation exists in your household. Irrigation will put the exact amount of water in the right spots especially when where it is needed.

That is, you get to have a balance that hoses or sprinklers couldn’t have. This is important, especially when your lawn is a reflection of you as a homeowner.


General Water Management

A lot homeowners use a great amount of water in order to maintain their landscapes green and fresh. Learning to properly water your lawn with the use of a watering system such as irrigation wouldn’t just save you money but it could also help maintain and conserve water in the long run which is not only good for your but also to the people of the future generation.

Watering Schedule Recommendation

  • Established Lawns

If your lawns are established, you may be required to use far less water than sodded or freshly seeded lawns. For cooler seasons, decreased daily watering is necessary. That is, you may need to water your plants every other day.

However, when it is during a hot season, watering a plant five to six times a week is highly recommended. Watering a plant from three to six in the morning is one of the most ideal type to water the plants. This is because this is the time where water infiltrates the most.


  • Sod

When you have a newly installed sod, it is recommended that you water your plants at least two times daily. However, when it’s a very hot season, another water cycle could be necessary. When the period of growth when only a few weeks has passed, reducing the water frequency is necessary.

When you have a good irrigation system in your house, you don’t only have to experience its benefits but also you could save so much energy and water in the long run. Moreover, you don’t have to just experience the beauty that it brings to your plants but on your home in general.

To help you build the best irrigation that suits your home, it is good to hire an arborist in Birmingham, AL, those professionals that are expert in the field of taking care of plants and trees. This is not just to build a good and effective irrigation but it is also beneficial for the plants that you are planning to have in your backyard.


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