Steps On How To Stain The Floor

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If you had the chance to look at amazing acid stained floor, we are sure that you are already dying to make your floor like that right now. So we are going to tell you the steps that you should do to stain and seal your floor and make it more beautiful. Please follow the steps loyally so that you can achieve the best results like those done by experts like concrete staining at the end.


First step: The concrete should be cured

When your concrete floor is freshly poured then you must let it cure for only five to six weeks before acid staining it and sealing it right after. The seal will not take effect when you do not let the freshly poured concrete after applying it.

Second step: Wash the surface well

The surface before acid staining it should be very clean. It should not have any debris, waxes, paints, grease or any dirt. There are many products in the market that you could use in order to clean the surface very well.

Third step: Concrete stain

You should be able to choose the perfect concrete stain for you. The best ones are those which are made of water-based dye for the stain and you can apply these with sprayers that does not have air or even just the common gardens sprayers. Do not settle for one, for you to achieve the color that you want, you should apply a number of colors to achieve the desired effect on your concrete floor. You can check the guide from the stain that you have bought so that you can know which better things to do to deal with the stain.

Fourth step: Washed surface

When the stain is already dry then it is time for you to wash it again so that there are no remaining stains that are still on the surface. The cleaner that you should use is a neutral cleaner so that it would not affect or it would not react with any of the substance that you put in it. A stiff bristle brush or scrubbers are just few of the tools that you can use in order to clean the entire surface. This step should not be forgotten if you really want to achieve a nice effect.

Fifth step: Dry the surface again

Again, let it dry completely so that there will be no blushing effect on the floor. This only happens when the surface is damp so you really need to let it dry.

Sixth step: Seal it with two coats

The sealer that you bought can be applied using a brush or a roller depending on your preference. Before you apply the second coat, make sure that the first coat had dried completely so that it will not appear patchy and the second layer of the sealer would appear nicely and make the whole floor shiny. And after applying both of the coats allow it to sit for four hours before stepping on it or coming in contact with your floor. Give it at least four days in order for it to fully cure.


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